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Image by Weston MacKinnon

Selections from "Astronomer Dreaming"

2021 • SATB choir • flute & oboe, piano, timpani & 1 percussion, strings


Created by Converging Arts Columbus, Astronomer Dreaming combines music, dance, theater, and visual art to portray the story of a girl's encounter with Galileo and their exploration of the universe and the human heart. It includes newly-composed music from Lauren Spavelko & Rebecca Larkin and existing works for solo voice, choir, piano, & chamber orchestra. 

I. Mary's Dream (8') — 3:10

II. The Trial (2'30) — 47:20

III. Mary's Dream (Reprise) (4') — 1:24:40

Video Highlights

Mary's Dream (8') and Mary's Dream Reprise (4')

These could be performed as stand-alone works.

The first acts as a kind of overture. It begins with a steadily spinning ostinato and layers lyrical melodies and pin-pricks of sound and light through the texture. The middle section foreshadows the bombastic trial music. The theme returns and winds down to a single thought.

The shorter reprise refashions much of the original theme, includes different instrumental solos, and omits any reference to the trial music.

The Trial (2'30)

This music accompanies Galileo's trial for hearsay. It is bombastic, angular, and underscores the action on the stage.

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