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In everything I do, I seek to connect with people.

As an artist, my goal is to use music to foster interpersonal connection, empathy, and joy. I believe the world is a better place when we are authentically curious, when we pause to listen and receive, and when we cultivate lasting joy. These elements manifest in creating art with others and in the subjects of my work.

Creating art is a natural extension of how I engage with the world. My desire for connection inspires my most powerful and memorable works. I am here to meet you—to hold up a mirror and show you something in a new way, to channel your stories so that others can hear them, to make you feel seen and remind you that you are not alone, and to remind you that life is to be celebrated as much as survived.

I hope you find something in my music to love, understand, appreciate, and carry with you!

Why I Write

Image by Weston MacKinnon


String Orchestra

Dance the Sky (2022) 3'30

late intermediate string orchestra

Warm, lush, and lyrical

Grit (2013 / 2022) 4' 

recommended in the American String Teachers Journal

late intermediate string orchestra

(also available for string quartet)

Edgy and angular. Lots of mixed meter and syncopation.

Journey by the North Star (2023) 4'

side-by-side, multilevel string orchestra (advanced, intermediate, and elementary)

This unique rondo works as both a standalone and side-by-side piece designed to be performed six possible ensemble configurations for advanced, intermediate, and elementary orchestras.

Symphony Orchestra

Kéyah (2019) 9'

Finalist for the American Prize in Composition, Orchestral Music (2020)

2222 • 43211 • timpani + 3 percussion • strings

collaboration with Frank Lee Ruggles, former National Eminent Photographer

Summit (2015) 1'45

3233 • 43211 • timpani + 3 percussion • strings

An exciting, sweeping work in less than 2 minutes!

Orchestra & Voice

Baby Book (2017) 18'

2222 • 43211 • timpani + 3 percussion • optional harp • soprano • strings

An orchestrated version of the award-winning song cycle Baby Book

six songs for soprano on pregnancy, motherhood, & miscarriage

Mary's Dream (from "Astronomer Dreaming") (2021) 8'

SATB choir • flute & oboe, piano, timpani & 1 percussion, strings

This work may be programmed as a stand-alone piece. "Astronomer Dreaming" combines music, dance, theater, and visual art to portray the story of a girl's encounter with Galileo and their exploration of the universe and the human heart.

Image by Weston MacKinnon


Art Song

Baby Book (2017) 18'

Winner of the Spoleto Festival's 2017 G.C. Menotti Young Composers Prize

six songs for soprano & piano

(also available for soprano & orchestra)

Song cycle on pregnancy, motherhood, & miscarriage

  1. Objects

  2. Children's Pool Game

  3. Quickening

  4. Great Aunt Dora

  5. Looking Out

  6. Searching

Courage (2022) 5'

for soprano & piano

Text by Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love)

From Edna, With Love (2022) 11'

five songs for mezzo-soprano & piano

A cycle on love with many faces—fickle, fond, forlorn, and deeply comforting. Poetry by Edna St. Vincent Millay.

  1. Thursday

  2. Recuerdo

  3. Grown-up

  4. What Lips My Lips Have Kissed

  5. The Dream


Heart (2020) 8'

for soprano & piano

On grief & loss

My Own Vineyard (2020) 5'

for soprano & piano

On spirituality, morality, & sacred sexuality with poetry from "Song of Songs" and Rumi 

Songs for 2+ performers

In My Lonely Hours (2021) 4'

A vocal duet with piano

A dramatic song portraying the relationship between the Narrator and Loneliness personified.

In addition to lyrical melody, the song offers opportunity for dramatic speaking, sprechstimme, and improvisation.


Gloria (2020) 4' 

  • SATB choir, organ, & brass septet

  • SATB choir & piano

Mary's Dream (from "Astronomer Dreaming") (2021) 8'

SATB choir • flute, oboe, piano, strings, & percussion

This work may be programmed as a stand-alone piece. "Astronomer Dreaming" combines music, dance, theater, and visual art to portray the story of a girl's encounter with Galileo and their exploration of the universe and the human heart.

Three Robert Frost Songs (2014) 12'

a cappella SSATB choir

For Vocal Exploration

Balloon Interludes (2019)

any vocal ensemble (amateur or professional) of 8+ people

a vocal improvisation for "children" ages 1-100+ (part music, theater, & joke)


Orphée+ (2018) 

chamber orchestra + electronics + electric guitar (11 musicians)

an arrangement / reimagining based on Berlioz's revision of Gluck's original work

For Opera Columbus (Columbus, Ohio) and Against the Grain Theater (Toronto). This new full production pushes the boundaries of operatic presentation through digital sound augmentation, captivating choreography, video projections, and aerial artistry.

Image by Weston MacKinnon


Jamboree (2020) 3'30

Grade 4 band

Raucous & celebratory

La Gruta (The Bat Cave) (2023) 3'30

Grade 2 band

An adventure inspired by La Gruta in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Wind Band

Percussion Ensemble

Double Double This That (2023) 4'00

5 percussionists

A piece inspired by binaries

Image by Weston MacKinnon



Current (2018) 5'

violin duo

Grit (2013) 4'

string quartet

(also available for string orchestra)

suitable for intermediate players

I Will Sing Out (2019) 3'

violin duo

suitable for early intermediate players

Mosaic (2017) 7'

string trio (violin, cello, bass)

(also available for string quartet)

Percussion Ensemble


Fault Lines (2020) 7'

spoken word + flute/piccolo, clarinet, saxophone, cello, percussion

written for CODE Ensemble

A political work on white supremacy & personal fault, blame, and responsibility 

Image by Weston MacKinnon




Wild (2016) 5'

solo violin + live electronics

Blends live processing with violin & nature samples to guide the listener through various natural soundscapes.

Tar Hollow (2016) 2'30

solo violin (unaccompanied)

Intermediate. A freely played Appalachian-inspired ballad.

A Haunting at Ilhaven Hall (2020) 3'

solo violin (unaccompanied)

Intermediate. Creepy fun with chromatics, diminished chords, double stops, & extended techniques!

Silver Leaf (2020) 2'45

solo violin (unaccompanied)

Intermediate. A work in ABA form with a lyrical opening, playful middle, and luminous conclusion.

Dance at Dusk (2023) 3'

solo violin (unaccompanied)

Late Intermediate. A mixed meter dance in D major / E minor. Features double stops to reinforce the changing meter. 

The Back Milk Reel (2021) 1'

solo violin (unaccompanied)

Suitable for a younger player. An entertaining tune titled for a funny family story—do you take the milk at the grocery store from the front or the back?


Image by Weston MacKinnon

Sound Art /Music for Play

Sound Art

Sound Art

Black Box 2.0 (2020)

An electronic music installation inviting curiosity, interactive play, and novelty in an everyday environment

Ask how to bring Black Box to you!

Wayfaring Stranger (2020) ~5'

Improvised Electronics (Max/MSP)

An improvisation based in elements of the traditional tune sampled from voice and violin

Music for Play

Balloon Interludes (2019)

any vocal ensemble (amateur or professional) of 8+ people

a vocal improvisation for "children" ages 1-100+ (part music / theater / and joke)

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