Image by Weston MacKinnon

Belvo Jamboree

2020 • Grade 4 Band • 3'30

An energetic, exciting work for Grade 4 Wind Ensemble


When I was invited to write my first piece for wind ensemble, I knew I wanted to make a joyful raucous that would be a blast to play and hear. Belvo Jamboree is a lively party! I drew influence from many sources, including traditional jazz tunes, film & TV scores, and other band literature—there’s even a nod to “Carmen Ohio” to honor Mayor Church’s alma mater.


In the piece, we first meet the mayor working in his office and hear his “theme song.” We hear the townspeople preparing for his jamboree. The piece moves happily through the town, following the mayor and all the people in their delighted preparations by turns. Finally, the mayor arrives, and everyone celebrates him with a great hurrah! I invite you to imagine your own pictures for this jubilant scene as the music unfolds. Enjoy the celebration!

Commissioned by the Miamisburg High School Wind Ensemble (Steve Aylward, director) for Mayor Dick Church in celebration of 28 years of service.

Image by Stefano Zocca


Miamisburg High School Band (Steve Aylward, director)


Spring 2020 (Postponed due to COVID) - New Premiere Date TBD