Image by Weston MacKinnon

Black Box 2.0

2020 • Interactive Sound Installation

Black Box 2.0 invites curiosity, interactive play, & novelty in an everyday environment

Black Box Reboot

The original Black Box was created at the University of Louisville in collaboration with Uadani Buttò.


It brought so much delight that I always wanted to do it again (even better)! 

With generous support from IAWM, Black Box is being redesigned to improve the experience and to more easily send it to new locations.

Stay tuned for more about Black Box 2.0!

Image by Laura Ockel

Ruth Anderson Commission Prize (2019), International Alliance for Women in Music.


The Original Black Box

Presented by creators Lauren Spavelko & Uadani Buttò. University of Louisville. Spring 2016.

First Exhibition

About Black Box (2.0)

Black Box 2.0 is a sound installation inviting curiosity, interactive play, and novelty in an everyday environment. 


It asks two questions—

   1) How do people respond to an unusual object in their normal environment?
   2) How can Black Box continue to solicit their attention once the novelty has worn off?

The box is programmed with categories of sounds: environmental, animal, people, & musical. Some sounds can be deliberately triggered and manipulated, while others are triggered at random or at scheduled intervals. The Box has the appeal of a game or puzzle—many passersby explore what the box can do and how they can make it produce a desired sound again.

Eventually, people start to ignore the Box. When it is left untouched, the Box has an entirely new set of sounds and behaviors designed to entice, manipulate, or annoy passersby to interact with it.

The sounds inside Black Box are endlessly customizable. Swapping out some of the box's sounds to include more locally specific sounds can make it more personal and attractive to people in new locations.

Send me a note to bring Black Box to you!

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