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Image by Weston MacKinnon


2016 • String Trio (violin, cello, bass) or String Quartet • 7'

one theme through many moods and textures

Performed by forty/sixty (Angela Lamb, Olivia J.P. Harris, & Robin Rhodes).

Image by Peyman Farmani

Program Note

Mosaic's primary theme transforms in each section, adventuring through disparate moods, colors, and textures, surrounded by supporting motifs. Like tiles, these sections lay next to
one another, distinct, yet unified in their patterns. In the spring of 2017, after a fast month
of composing and with mere bars to go, my laptop—carrying my most recent work—was
stolen. I lost nearly half the piece. Creating had been challenging. Re-creating was
frustrating. I recollected fragments—a line, but not its context; a section, but not with the
same flow; a contour, but not its precise pitches. It cannot be the same. Inevitably, it was
necessary to let go, to create anew, to respond to the pieces all over again and fashion them
into a different picture.

Mosaic was written for the string trio forty/sixty (Robin Rhodes, Olivia Harris, and Angela Lamb) as part of New Music on the Point 2017 in Leicester, Vermont.

forty/sixty (Angel Lamb, Olivia J.P. Harris, & Robing Rhodes). New Music on the Point. Leicester, Vermont. June 2017. 


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