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Image by Weston MacKinnon

Solos for Unaccompanied Violin

Tar Hollow • 2015 • 3'

Grade 4. A folk-inspired ballad with sweet, freely played melodies. Players can experiment with the phrasing, rhythm, pacing, and embellishment.

Played at the 2023 ASTA National Conference.

Performed by Dr. Cora Cooper.

Explore Dr. Cooper's Violin Music By Women series.

Dance at Dusk • 2023 • 3'

The primary theme of "Dance at Dusk" is a spirited, mixed meter groove, first heard in a cheerful D major. Double stops that reinforce the changing beat groupings and rising lines across the violin's range drive the music forward in an energetic dance. In the middle section, the music modulates to a moodier E minor and explores the darker, lower colors of the instrument. The dance swirls higher and fixes around one musical motif, then returns to the opening material and comes to a charming close.

A Haunting at Ilhaven Hall • 2020 • 3'

A wide array of techniques on the violin depict the house and its occupants—creaking doors, crawling mice, wailing ghosts. The rest is left up to your imagination!

Silver Leaf • 2020 • 2'45

Grade 4. Named for the plant (also called jewel weed), Silver Leaf is a work in ternary form with a lyrical, flowing opening; a sparkling, playful middle section; and a luminous conclusion.

The Back Milk Reel • 2021 • 1'

Suitable for a younger player. This is an entertaining tune with a quirky title inspired by a family story! Do you take the milk at the grocery store from the front or the back?

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