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Image by Weston MacKinnon


2016 • Solo Violin & Electronics

(2- or 4- channel, live processing) • 4'

A journey through natural soundscapes

Image by Aleesha Wood

Program Note

Wild intermingles natural sounds, violin samples, and live violin to evoke contrasting landscapes. The live violin and samples utilize legato, tremolo, and ricochet bowing; pizzicato; and glissandi to create a variety of color. Electronic techniques such as delay, flanging, spatialization, looping, reverse playback, and speed manipulations shape the work. Their application upon the violin and environmental samples create distinct sounds and layers with relatively limited material. The sounds heard may be transparent and unaltered or may be manipulated beyond recognition. The variety of texture, articulation, and musical material establish distinct landscapes for the listener—from the ominous and barren to the serene and rejuvenating.

Lauren Spavelko. University of Louisville. 2016.


Technical Requirements

  • Audio interface for 2- or 4-channel playback

  • Suitable microphone to capture live violin

  • An optional controller to trigger cues (can be done on computer)

  • A free installation of Max/MSP

  • Accompanying Max patch & sound pack (provided with score)

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