Image by Weston MacKinnon

Balloon Interludes

2019 • Group of 8+ • Variable length

a vocal improvisation for "children" ages 1-100+

(part music / theater / and joke, appropriate for amateur & professional singers of many ages)

Program Note

Part music, part theater, and part joke, Balloon Interludes is a silly, delightful exploration of creativity and play. Balloons have the same appeal to me as play dough or finger painting—even more serious personalities smile and play when someone tosses a balloon their way.

Like recess, the three interludes are designed to fit in-between other works on a concert and run like a ribbon in the background. In each, more categories of sound (and more balloons!) are introduced for  play. The interludes balance structure and simplicity with flexibility and choice to invite everyone to confidently create together. At times, performers create a definitive focal point; at others, many. The audience can focus on and enjoy any interaction that fascinates them. They may even find themselves part of a spontaneous moment with a performer! The end result is a room bouncing with balloons and sound. So invite your inner child to come explore and prepare for fun! (And expect surprises!)

Score Pages

(I always wanted to illustrate children's books. Now I have an illustrated score!) 

Image by Luca Upper


Video Highlights


Imagine this much joy & play at your next concert!

Image by Adrien Olichon

Fun for

the little kids...

This child played along with our performers, gathered up balloons, and even took some home!

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