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Sunday Share 1/21/2024 - My Own Vineyard

Today's Sunday Share is another nod to the N.E.O. Voice Festival. I created this art song for Mira Huang as part of the "The New Morality Play." Like a phoenix from the ashes, this song tells a story of rebirth and reclamation through the body and sacred sexuality.

The poetry combines lines from the Bible's "Song of Songs" and Rumi with lines of my own creation to structure a new narrative.

Mira Huang and I thoroughly enjoyed this collaboration. A couple of Mira's requests were 1) a chance to explore her chest voice (since she's a glorious high soprano!) and 2) a chance to improvise. So naturally, I gave her both.

The song starts with recitation of the first stanza, then a yummy low hum opening into the second sung stanza. At the end is an invitation for the singer and pianist to improvise together.

You can hear Mira sing in the video and grab the score here on my site.

And if you're a performer interested in NEO, go check it out and come to LA this summer!

Sunday Share is a moment for things I've made, things I'm working on, and things that fascinate me in my creative work. I hope you'll share with me too!

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