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Sunday Share 1/7/24 - Balloon Interludes

Today is a clip from "Balloon Interludes" to give a shoutout to the NEO Voice Festival.

It's one of my favorite festivals and feeds the composer/performer/teacher trifecta in me.

"Balloon Interludes" is still one of the wackiest works I've made. 😁 Part music, part theater, and part joke, it's a silly, delightful exploration of creativity and play. Like recess, the three interludes are designed to fit in-between other works on a concert and run like a ribbon in the background. In each, more categories of sound (and more balloons!) are introduced for play.

The "score" for this is more like an illustrated guide!

You can also adapt this as an amazing creative activity in the classroom.

Sunday Share is a moment for things I've made, things I'm working on, and things that fascinate me in my creative work. I hope you'll share with me too!

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